A Day in the World of an ASI Distributor:

It's Monday morning and as usual my first stop is the gas station to fill up my tank. Getting out of the car the pump display catches my attention. "Earn 10 cents a gallon via cash back rebate." Where do I sign up? I grab a credit card application and head inside for my weekly lottery ticket. I pull out a ticket from the mounted wall display to play my lucky numbers. This is my week, I can feel it!

Next, I pull into Starbucks for my morning coffee run. In line I see "Try Me!" on the Table tent display next to the baked treats and debate whether or not to give in. I decide instead to grab a snack pack of nuts and a KIND bar from Counter-top display for later and my venti vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso. I have quite a few errands to weave into my client meetings today and will need the extra energy.

First errand of the day was to stop by my vet's office to pick up the flea and tick prevention medicine for the dogs. I ask the front desk receptionist about the pet insurance ad in the sign holder at her desk. She directs me to the rotating countertop rack on the corner table to grab a brochure. I take one of each to compare later.

While I'm in the area I run into Home Depot's Kitchen department to finally grab some flyers from the literature holders for ideas on our upcoming remodel. On my way out I quickly peruse their table lamp selection and spy an ad display for their interior design service. I'll have to keep that in mind. Now it's off to the bank.

I go inside to pull out a few large bills for my late lunch meeting. While in line I scan the pamphlets in the multi-tiered brochure holder and grab the two titled Financial Planning and Investments. I'm always interested in how to save and make more money!

I'm a little early for my late lunch meeting so I grab a seat in the bar to wait. I drop my business card in the suggestion box on the bar counter to my right in hopes of winning a fee bottle of champagne. I review the day's lunch and drink specials on the swivel sign holder to my left. My prospect arrives and it's go time.

The meeting went very well and resulted in a big sale. I'm feeling great and decide to reward myself with a little treat from the bakery next door. On one end of the counter an ad display reads "Freshly Baked" next to a variety of goodies. On the other end another ad holder †prompts me to try the new homemade ice cream flavor. I get a single scoop and grab a to-go menu from the tri fold brochure holder on my way out.

I decide to take a shortcut through the neighborhood and see a gorgeous Victorian home for sale.† I pull over and grab the real estate flyer from the mounted outdoor flyer holder .† Itís a little out of my price range, but perhaps the real estate agent has a similar listing in the area.† Iíll have to make a note to call later this week and inquire.

As I climb in my car, to finally head into the office, I reach over to add to my pile of brochures and flyers collected thus far. Then it hits me. There are brochure holders and product displays literally everywhere. What could my business become if I simply add displays to my product line? I could spend the same amount of time and energy selling $1 imprinted pens. And I could also sell to the same client a $12 literature display, multiplied by 4 displays per franchise at 250 regional franchise locations and secure a $12,000 order!

How many sales opportunities have I missed???

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